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The Aveda Salon is dedicated to the pursuit of your unique personality, wellness and beauty to the fullest. Through a holistic approach, Aveda relaxes your body and soul, with the power of pure flowers and plants. Your Aveda experience begins with a scalp check-up using a scalp camera to select the ideal Aveda products for your hair and scalp condition, followed by a recommendation of the ideal hair style for you. Your service is enriched with a relaxing “Sensory Journey” and “Stress Relief Shampoo”, and concludes with full home care advice. Come and enjoy a pampering moment of hospitality to replenish your body and soul, only at Aveda.
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Experience Aveda’s unique 93% naturally-derived* hair color, keeping damage minimal, not only to your hair, but also to the environment, and leaving your hair with a rich shine and deep tone. Our service providers will customize your color just for you.
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At Aveda, we have menus specifically developed to meet the needs of men. Come and enjoy a comfortable moment in a chic ambience full of nature’s blessing.
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Chakra 7, positioned at the crown, is an important center connecting you to the cosmos. Keeping this Chakra clear helps release the entire body’s energy to flow smoothly throughout, for a healthier and more balanced body and soul. Aveda’s Advanced Botanical Head Spa is a concentrated care, developed focusing on the ancient healing art of India, lasting for more than 5000 years.
Senior Head Spa Specialist pric ing: For reservations with a “Hair Adviser, JHSA” qualified senior head spa specialist, an additional senior fee of 1,100 yen will be added. Note:
  • For head spa services, we will ask you to change your upper body clothes into a robe.
  • Head spa services cannot be received in combination with hair color or perm services.
  • Guests in pregnancy cannot receive head spa services.
  • Further, as hormone balances are unstable for the first few months after giving birth, we recommend receiving services more than 3 months after. For any concerns, please contact us in advance.
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The Aveda Spa is a retreat that leads your skin to restore its balance, and reveal its natural beauty and glow. Experience a moment of pampering and deep relaxation, delivered by a combination of Aveda’s cutting-edge botanical science, our spa specialists’ high-touch technique, and aromatic essential oils enriched with the power of pure flowers and plants.
  • Please expect an additional 15 minutes after your service to get dressed, etc., before departure.
  • If you wear contact lenses, please bring a case if you wish to remove them during your service.
  • Please bring your own make-up if necessary.
  • Spa services are available only to women.
  • Guests in pregnancy cannot receive head spa services. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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Our Mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make, to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

Horst Rechelbacher, Founder


Aveda, founded in 1978. Our naturally-derived* hair care, skin care, and body care products are deeply appreciated by professionals around the world. The reason behind this is the high quality of our fine aromas and plant ingredients, derived through our cutting-edge botanical science. Aveda, along with its sophisticated product line-up, will continue to support the holistic beauty and lifestyle of each and every one of its guests.
  • Naturally-derived: from plants, non-petroleum minerals, or water.


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Shop Info:
Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa Minami-Aoyama 5-5-21 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Reservations & Information: 03-5468-5550 Google map ≫
Access by train:
Take the Ginza line, Hanzomon line, or Chiyoda line to Omotesando Station. 1-minute walk from exit B3.
Come to enjoy a fulfilling list of treatments and services only our flagship can offer.
Concerning Reservations: Should you need to cancel, please contact us at least 3 days prior to your appointment. No contact may lead to a loss of privilege of any offers you may have rights to. Though you happen to arrive late, the closing time of your service will still not change. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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